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2016 Indoor Performance Entrance/Exit Procedures

Please review the new procedures for units entering and exiting the floor at all Tournament Indoor Association shows.

- Indoor Entrance/Exit General Guidelines (PDF)


Chapter 8 Tournament Indoor Association Announces New Benefit For All Performers

At the December 3, 2011 general meeting of members of Tournament of Bands Region 8, it was voted that Region 8 will contract to have a sound system and a sound system operator at each Region 8 Tournament Indoor Association event.

This addition will allow for a uniform sound at each show and also take the burden of potentially poor and broken sounds systems away from the performers, staffs, audience members and show hosts.

In order to fund this addition to the performances, each organization (not each individual unit) will be assessed a $50 fee payable to Tournament of Bands Chapter 8. Region 8 will cover half of the sound system contract fee and the $50 fee assessed to each organization will cover the other half. This $50 fee is due prior to any organization's performances each year. Fees are to be turned into region coordinator, Martin Altman.

In addition, each unit must provide two CDs with their music on it at their first Region 8 performance of the year. This CD will be retained by the sound system contractor and used for the entire season. This move will cause less confusion and a more professional presentation for all particiapting in Region 8 events.



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